09/2020 Proceedings

Grum, Marcus | Blunk, Oliver | Rojahn, Marcel | Fettke, Peter | Gronau, Norbert;

Research Challenges of Knowledge Modelling and the Outline of a Research Agenda


Faced with a new kind of presence of digital knowledge carriers because of the digitalization and Industry 4.0 settings, research agendas need to be updated by arising research challenges. Particularly novel kinds of knowledge-intensive interactions among individuals, teams and autonomous systems need to be addressed in contemporary knowledge modelling approaches and a state-of-the-art knowledge management. This research presents the most relevant research challenges gathered by experts from relevant at the 15th International Business Informatics Congress 2020 in Potsdam in an interactive workshop. Based on a reality check, their relevance has been confirmed in scenarios and first ideas about solution approaches have been identified. Due to individual- based, team-based and plenum-based expert evaluations, a research agenda has been set up, to whom the research community’s attention shall be drawn to, so that the most beneficial research steps can be issued next and research streams can be realized efficiently.

Category Proceedings
Authors Grum, Marcus; Blunk, Oliver; Rojahn, Marcel; Fettke, Peter; Gronau, Norbert;
Place of publication Matera, Italy
Book title IFKAD 2020 Proceedings
Date 09/2020
Conference Title Knowledge in Digital Age
Keywords Knowledge Management, Process Modelling, Research Challenges
ISBN 978-88-96687-13-0, ISSN 2280-787X